Boarding With Us

Boarding Kennels
Should the timing of your relocation result in your pet(s) needing to be boarded, they will vacation with us at our VIP Vacation Kennels.

We have two locations close to Tocumen International Airport, at the base of Cerro Azul and Los Lotes.

All of our kennels are large, 2m x 6m, and all come with steel frame off the ground bed cots (size appropriate) which allow air to circulate, or 1.5m x 4.5m with private sleeping area. However, guests spend very little time in their kennels. All our guests are walked, at a minimum, in the morning and the afternoon on their lead on our fenced grounds. All guests have free (off the lead) playtime in our securely fenced playgrounds with other guests, of like temperament (only if given prior permission by the owner and only if the dogs are spayed/neutered) or on their own with a member of staff - to play catch etc.

All guests get 'house time' where they can lounge in the sofa room or sleep on the sofas (again, only with permission from owners!). And of course, lots of cuddles all day long!!!! Meal time will be set by the owner, and if we have your permission, we will offer edible treats from time to time.

As pet owners, we want only the best of care for our animals and we know you want the same! After all, they are not just our pets, but valued members of our family! Each guest that vacations with us will be treated like our own with lots of attention, love, and respect. We are committed to providing a positive and enjoyable experience for your pet, whether it is pre or post travel.

Where You Go, We Go!

"These are awesome! Thank you and more photos are always welcome. So happy that she's content and playing and having fun. Daniel C.


Thank youuuuu once again for making them so happy!!! Laura O.


Those are happy dogs! Thanks Marla! Mary Ellen W.


We really appreciate the photo. Honestly do all your clients love it there as much as she does? She couldn't wait to go with John and never looked back!! Patricia B.